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I think I am finished with the framing of the walk way to the fish pond. The pug mill is ready since it had dried out. I also started soaking shredded paper to add to my new blender for paper clay. The plan is to soak the paper for a while, add equal parts Othello clay (although Lincoln 60 would work)and make some sculpture. The plan is to bisque them then soak them in liquid acrylic over night. It will be fun, I think. Another thought would be to add acrylic to the paper clay as the sculpture is build up. One question I have is about using a wire armature. It the material isn't fired i would shrink very little and the armature could stay in the piece. I might make the sculpture out of paper pulp the brush acrylic on it after it is dry. There are so many options!!! Fired to cone 8 today. I should re-fire tomorrow and start making pots tomorrow again. Going to cone 5 again but am considering Othello/Lincoln 50/50 to cone what ever. The Wenaha show is 5 weeks away. I think that I just discovered that the painting that I called Walla Walla River isn't the Walla Walla River. It might be Mill Creek. But since it will be in the Walla Walla exhibit I should check. Anyway, good day, some art, some walk way building.

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