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I finally gave up and mixed some PVC glaze today. The tests were OK but not the best. I also adjusted the white? glaze in the big bucket and added Si to the brown glaze. I will test again tomorrow. I have almost finished digging up the sod and a friend wants me to take some to her place tomorrow. It will be good to get rid of some with out paying a fee. I will use some of the dirt for my dirt glaze. I mixed some Othello clay and Lincoln clay 50/50 + sand and as usual I put too much water in it so it is drying. It will done tomorrow and I will make a bunch of test tiles to check WOB. The previous test gave me .1% at cone five. I think I will start testing at cone 4 but expect it to end up cone 3 or 2. I want 2% water absorption. I plan on using PVC or Nepheline Syanite 45/frit 45 and 10% opax. There is a lot of testing to do. These glazes will be over engobes of blue, green and brown jusut like in the old days. I poster the Lynx watercolor on this site today. I really enjoy small water colors and think I will do some more.

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