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Had a good test firing today. The blue under PVC at cone 03 is really bright and looks good. The planters are in the good kiln with Manganese glaze under PVC and I hope it works. If they work they will go to the shop to see if she wants some. I hope they work. I think at cone 03 they might be able to be re-fired. The Safe Harbor soup bowls will look good with the blue glaze. I did a bird painting today. At The Old Hotel Gallery where I was featured last month as a potter, we talked about me being featured next year as a painter of birds for their annual Sandhill Crane Festival exhibit. I should do some cranes as well as eagles and such. Tomorrow I will deliver Greg's paintings and see if there are some smaller ones for Gallery Underground where he has only 3 large ones hanging. We are thinking of asking some local artists to exhibit as a guest artist. The biggest glitch seems to be distributing the sales. We'll see. I got a terrible email from the city. They will not let us continue to hang art in the center because of perceived liability. It is another time that the Pasco law suit has reared it's head to stonewall local artist's work. The local towns are paranoid because they apparently can't wrap their heads around that SCOTUS decided that Pasco was at fault and the artists were the victims.

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Delivered part of the planter order for Anything Grows. It feels good to be selling wholesale again. it has been awhile. Brandon ask, on Face Book, does anyone know of a local potter to make bonsai


I have bisque fired the planters that I hope to sell locally. Glaze tomorrow. The PVC glaze over the manganese glaze looks good but the pvc needs to be thick enough. I think my smaller kiln needs a


Well. I hooked up my larger kiln tonight and it didn't work I did buy it used in 73 so maybe it is just tired. I still have the smaller one and it is loaded with a bunch of green planters. Brandon