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What a hoot. I am removing sod from around out new storage shed and now I have a new source of earth material for glazes. It is really fine and I have mixed a test with borate and another one with boric acid. I hope this works better than the new Othello clay does. Othello is OK but not as nice as the stuff from years ago. I also put a small amount of dirt screened through the window screen but not through the 80 mesh. It sort of like sand. So far I have almost a 35 gallon drum of dirt and am only about 1/6 done removing sod. I will need another barrel but I have some Rubber Made containers. I also found some ball clay and added it to my latest batch of cone 8. Back in the day I mixed dirt/ball clay 40/60 and fired it to cone 5. Also did some blow sand and Mason's Blend for cone 10. The options are limitless. I also did another water color of Franklin Louisiana and it looks good and got good responses on FB. It is on this site. I will study my new acrylic painting from Jackson Hole and maybe publish it tomorrow. I will bisque fire tomorrow and there are a lot of test tiles in it so here we go. Thanks,

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