• Pat Fleming


Fired some cone 8 test chips and tomorrow I will test some glazes. I will need to make some more dirt glaze for the matching soup bowls. I just got the idea of using boric acid and calcium together as a a flux for the dirt glaze. The boric acid by itself does not do a good job and borate has calcium in it. Started doing the 6X6's for ArtWalla. There are only 8 this year instead of the usual 10. They increased the number of artists and reduced the number of paintings per artist. I have 3 done. We have been busy getting the lawn around the shed back to normal. all day we have been putting in sprinklers and drip systems for Pat's flowers. It will look nice but I wish I could make pots instead. Oh well, it will be over soon. I am excited about the storage space and will install more shelves when I can.

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