• Pat Fleming


Got some marvelous glazes. One is a white woodash and the regular dirt glaze is working well. The kids came over today and glazed their pots and Jackson came to paint his sculpture. I am mixing 3 parts Othello clay to 4 parts Lincoln 60 and it seems promising. There are 2, 50/50 pots in the test kiln for cone 1. It seems that the 3 to 4 mix will be be fired about cone 3 or so. We'll see. Posted another painting today. There is so much accumulation of clay that I need to make some pots or the clay will dry out. There will be a need to travel to Othello to get some more clay and to take a trip to Pasco for Lincoln. I hope covid19 doesn't hamper the process. Cone 5 firing tomorrow.


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