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I have bisque fired the planters that I hope to sell locally. Glaze tomorrow. The PVC glaze over the manganese glaze looks good but the pvc needs to be thick enough. I think my smaller kiln needs an element. It seemed slow today but it might be the pyrometer. I will check tomorrow. I have replacement elements if it needs one. I am going to try to fire the larger kiln again. If it doesn't work I guess I will move on with the smaller on. I sure to be OK with not painting. It's been over 3 weeks and I seem hesitant to start again. I was painting every day but with the planter sales opportunities I seem to want to concentrate on pots. I have tested my native clay at cone 03 and think that will be better. The last test resulted in less than 1% water absorption. The clay fired to 02 just plain seems over fired. I think the clay is variable but I think that I can work with that. We'll see. The 100 mug deal seems to have fallen through. I should have only shown the client the best samples. On the bright side the Empty Bowls Charity seems to be amenable to the native clay. That might be a nice sales pitch for the charity. Anyway, have a good day. Thanks.

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Had a good test firing today. The blue under PVC at cone 03 is really bright and looks good. The planters are in the good kiln with Manganese glaze under PVC and I hope it works. If they work they w


Well. I hooked up my larger kiln tonight and it didn't work I did buy it used in 73 so maybe it is just tired. I still have the smaller one and it is loaded with a bunch of green planters. Brandon