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Delivered part of the planter order for Anything Grows. It feels good to be selling wholesale again. it has been awhile. Brandon ask, on Face Book, does anyone know of a local potter to make bonsai pots and then we dropped by Anything Grows and Bobbi Jo said she would like to have some planters. The planters are native Othello clay mixed with some Mt. St. Helen's volcanic ash for temper. The clay works marvelously but it is over fired at cone 03 so I will fire the next load to cone 04. That's about 1945 F which is fairly low. We need to fire where the clay wants to be fired. At the next higher cone the clay appears to be over fired and slumps at the handles. I have decided to only make planters at this lower temp and keep mugs and bows etc. at higher temps with stoneware clay. I am struggling with a lack of desire to paint. I should be getting ready for a feature show in a year with paintings of birds but the desire is gone. That is partially because someone wants pots for their store. 40 years ago I almost never painted because the pots and their sales satisfied my creative desires. Now it seems that making pots from seemingly odd materials satisfies my creative urges. The folks who are wholesaling my planters make a point of saying it is native clay. My pots usually look like everybody else's but they are not like everybody else's but you can't tell unless you are told. That seems like an odd art form but it is intuitive and rewarding. The fact that no one at the galleries knows that my work is extremely unique and yet still buys it seems to me like I have a mysterious secret. It really isn't important but it makes me happy.

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