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Well. I hooked up my larger kiln tonight and it didn't work I did buy it used in 73 so maybe it is just tired. I still have the smaller one and it is loaded with a bunch of green planters. Brandon showed one of my bonsai pots on the net today. it looks good. I am wondering if I should buy a larger kiln or just arrange to fire the smaller one every day or so. It'll work out, I suppose. I got really bad news today. Kennewick will not allow us to hang art in Keewayden Center because they are worried about liability. What a debacle. Over one man's ego to prove he can censor citizen's art work with impunity the neighboring town went to SCOTUS. They lost. The artists received no money but the city paid thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees. And now all local towns refuse to allow local citizens to hang art in a public building except on city library and the exhibitors need to fill out two pages of inventory and that needs to be notarized. Amazing. Virtually all serious artists exhibit elsewhere now. Tomorrow I plan on asking for a chance to appeal the decision face to face and we will see what happens. This is truly disheartening. \

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