• Pat Fleming


Things happens fast. The guy who asked me to make bonsai pots for him to sell has announced that he is going out of business, I guess I will have to find another outlet for them. I think I can sell them to another flower/gift shop. Meanwhile I got a call from a guy who wants to buy 100 mugs for his company. My larger test kiln lost it's element again. I cannot test the glazes for the native clay. I started making the mugs out of cone 5 clay and will order elements for my smaller test kiln. I hope to continue with the native clay but will work with the higher fired clay until I can test glazes at cone 02 which is what the native clay wants. I have ordered gerstley borate for a reliable base glaze in the near future. With us going to Arizona to visit brother Tom for his 80th birthday, ordering and receiving stuff will be tricky. Luckily Jackson our grandson will be here so I will order elements tomorrow, Monday. I think I need to set up my larger kiln and need to start vacuuming the pottery floor. I swab with the mop them vacuum up the slurry.

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