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It has been a while since I have posted . We went to Arizona to visit brother and sister-in-law. Since I wrote last I have found out that the guy wants the bonsai planters and another guy wants 100 mugs for his company. We also set up a show in Walla Walla and I am in a feature show in Othello. Speaking if Othello. I am really liking the native clay from there. It likes to be fired to cone 02 which is quite low but it seems vitrified and substantial. I am adding Mt St. Helens' ash and some blow sand for body and that really helps. The sand with was blown in passes through an 80 mesh screen at 99% or so. It is so fine. I am going to submit some planters and post some pictures of the coffee mugs so the guy can see them. I am also to be featured next March for Othello's Sandhill Crane Festival. I would have been this year but the exhibit at COVU Cellars was more important. I am really struggling with glazes at cone 02. One that is working is borate/dirt at 30/70 but it is mundane. Hopefully the borate will cure all the ills. I suppose I should continue cone 5 for a while since it has proven to be so stable and I do have 1 whole bag plus a part bag of Lincoln 60.

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