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I got on with two other folks in a group that is going to zoom with talk with our district representatives. The topic seems to be a performing arts and I see no connection with visual arts. I plan on asking about this and have already asked in an email. I will probably irritate everyone as I seem to do naturally. We will meet tomorrow at 2:30. It will be odd to meet with one rep since he is a past student. Ed has come forth and plans on being in our March show. This will be weird. I suggested 20 paintings each and I will hang 10 and have 10 3-D pieces and 10 paintings seem like too little but we'll see. I will have to go to Gallery Underground and read the guys artists statements and send an article in to the news paper to notify about the show. I also need to contact Karen and see if she has enough stable stands for my pottery and sculpture. Last exhibit she used adhesive to stick my pot because she worried about kids running around and knocking it off. Anna's pots are finished today and then I will bisque fire then finish the cone 5 pots for the show. I just threw away an almost complete kiln load today because the sand spit glaze out and ruined the load. I am thinking, why not mix 1/2 1/2 Othello clay and Lincoln and settle into one temperature. I think it would fore around cone 2. We'll see. I dug see blow sand to add to the straight Othello and that might add some body to the clay. I really need a clear glaze at 02. Tomorrow I hope to get my truck out of the shop. It has a slow leak in one of the tires. more later.

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