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Hung Richland library yesterday. It went OK but I want to exchange one of mine because I don't like it. Tuesday I travel to Othello to drop off pots for a March show and on Wednesday to Walla Walla for a painting show. Poor Ed, he has entered what he calls his hermit stage and does not answer my phone calls of texts. He has missed the deadline for bio and pictures for the exhibit in Walla Walla. It will be just Greg, Bill and me. I just got into an argument about women in art. There should be an antonym to man-splaining. The fact that women have not had a fair deal in the major art world is not my problem and everybody has a story. As a man art teacher I have had less than a fair deal from my co-teachers and administrators. I was really surprised to remember that talc and boric acid melt below 1000 degrees F. I will re-glaze the pots that did not have their glazes melt with boric acid. I am almost ready for Walla show and think I will touch up and add to the Othello list. Also I plan on asking if I can be featured next year with bird paintings. I could have done it this year but the other shows made me feel over my head. I have volunteered to host a Plein Air Washington gathering. it's just people who get together and paint plein air. I am currently planning on doing Columbia Park or maybe Howard Amon park. I'll call on Monday to see if the parks require any special agreements. More Later.

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