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Boy what a Time. Thursday I drove 80 miles one way to retrieve my musician paintings from and ending feature show. Friday I took those paintings to Walter Clore Winery for my feature show there. Saturday we rehung the art at Gallery Underground. Greg is unavailable to help because he has had both of his legs amputated due to diabetes so I hung his art. I called Ed, he couldn't hang because he had all of his toes amputated due to diabetes and so he couldn't hang his own work. On the way from picking up Ed's paintings I got a call from our son Mike. He had a water pipe break and it flooded part of his basement. He needed help hauling soaked carpet and pad to the dump. That took the rest of the day. On Tuesday I will take Ed's work to the gallery and hang it. The gallery is closed on Monday. Today I fired my first cone 5 glaze load in awhile. I have decided to fire lower to save electricity and wear and tear on the kiln. While preparing for this firing it occurred to me-why not mix my clay 50/50 with local earthenware and Lincoln 60 fire clay and fire even lower. I am thinking cone 1, about 2000 degrees F, would work well for that. I have a test tile of the 2 clays mixed by volume drying. I have noticed that some of my earthenware pots from the past hold up fairly well and am wondering why I buy clay when all I have to do is drive and dig it up. Something to ponder.

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