• Pat Fleming


I have decided to discard the bucket of commercial majolica glaze because I cannot find out if it has lead in it or not. Better safe than sorry, I guess. I am thinking about starting to use the pugmill for the Othello clay. The clay is working out quite well. I am getting ready for the Walla Walla show and bought some new clear paint to seal a painting that was already sealed by the acrylic media I am using. It seems to have yellowed everything. I have a new painting I might use instead and will not seal it with 2 different fixes. We tried to hang our art at the Richland Library today but they were closed. I should have checked their website but Lisa, our contact, said hang on Saturday, OOPS. I will be firing another 02 load tomorrow along with some glaze tests. I think we are about ready to go commercial planters again at cone 02 with native clay. Maybe the older kiln should be brought out and set up. We'll see.

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