• Pat Fleming


Well, I am waiting to receive some cone 1 from Seattle Pottery Supply. I need to take pots to Moses Lake on Thursday and am in need of cones to re-fire the cone 8 for the iron red. I tested a re-fire to 4 and might have to do the entire load that way in order to get them done. Tomorrow I go to Gallery underground and take one painting out for another so I can take the one I want to Walter Clore Winery for 2 months. My cone 5 clay seems to work well with 2.2% water absorption. Also some of the glazes will just work out fine so I guess I will stay there for a while. The cone 5 clay test has 25% Mt St Helens Ash in it and that sees to work just fine, so far. More information after some more tests and after this buys weekend. Thanks


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