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It's been a long time since I have posted. I am loving working with the native clay. I think it is going to work just fine for planters and decorative pieces. I am planning on discontinuing the cone 8 stuff since cone 5 seems to be looking good. So that means cone 02 and cone 5 glazes. The biggest problem now is finding cone 02 glazes. Borate 50, Si 25 and native clay 25 seems to work well but I am out of borate so am substituting frits that Sis gave me. I seriously considering fixing my old, larger kiln and starting to do commercial planters again. I have been approached for making bonsai pots and that could escalate after the end of February. I have dropped out of the legislative district 8 team to help develop a creative space. There were 4 meetings and they blocked me getting access. This is so disheartening. I was the oldest and the most experienced one on the committee but they didn't care. Symbolically, they are trying to put a roof on a building with out pouring the foundation first. They want us to develop a tax funded performing arts center in communities that won't allow us the hang art in public buildings on walls that were designed for hanging art. In the next 3 weeks I will produce an exhibit of local's art in the one local public building made available, another one 45 miles away in Othello and a third one 50 miles away in Walla Walla. I need to contact the center in Kennewick to see if we can hang there now that we are in phase 2 or the corona virus thing. More later

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Delivered part of the planter order for Anything Grows. It feels good to be selling wholesale again. it has been awhile. Brandon ask, on Face Book, does anyone know of a local potter to make bonsai


Had a good test firing today. The blue under PVC at cone 03 is really bright and looks good. The planters are in the good kiln with Manganese glaze under PVC and I hope it works. If they work they w


I have bisque fired the planters that I hope to sell locally. Glaze tomorrow. The PVC glaze over the manganese glaze looks good but the pvc needs to be thick enough. I think my smaller kiln needs a