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Well this is troublesome. The Othello clay has 17% shrinkage and almost 3 % water absorption. I might add some Si and some sand to try to lesson the shrinkage. I have test chips ready to test when the kiln is available. One test has volcanic ash and the other one has sand. If the shrinkage gets better we can add bentonite but I am beginning to think I should just keep at cone 5 and 8. I am thinking Othello/Lincoln 50/50. That might be OK. The cone 8 pot in the test kiln today seems to be stuck to the shelf. I will re-fire it to 1 anyway. I received an email today from Joseph Oregon that they accepted the donations of two soup bowls and they need to be there next week. The notice was supposed to be sent over a week ago and it might be dicey to get them there in tie. I told them to keep them if they arrive late. I boxed 2 of the Safe Harbor ones to send. We also got a request from G-child that they would like mugs to take to Bellingham for their dorm room. I currently have some cone 2 pots, cone 5 pots and cone 8 pots bisque fired but not enough for glaze load of either. I thought it would be clever to add volcanic ash to my cone 8 clay as a grog. It lumped up, now I need to dry it, slake it and screen it to get the lumps out. Geez! I guess we have decided that I should not offer bird paintings to The Old Hotel for the March feature show. The exhibit at CAVU Cellars for March is more important. More later.

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