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Merry Christmas. The weather here is cold and wet so the clay is drying out so slooooowly. I am also struggling with a glaze for cone 1. I have several in the works but we'll see. I gave up and mixed some PVC glaze with 25% Othello clay added-the old reliable. Am almost finished with another painting of John Lennon, this one is so Ronn, our son-in-law, can give it to a guy through his regional drama group. The guy is stepping down and Ronn is taking over. The painting is going OK so far. White people are so hard to paint. Only 2 more months until I have two feature shows at the same time. Ed is a real concern. He has gone into what he calls his Hermit stage and doesn't answer mail of texts. I hope he is OK. I know he is concerned about loosing some toes to diabetes. I will go over there next week. He is scheduled along with Bill, Greg and me to hang in the CAVU Cellars space in March. That's one of my shows. I am also, almost, ready to deliver the soup mugs with "Thank You" on them for Carol and Sixthstreet Gallery. They are to be bought as gifts and the proceeds go to charity. This will be the 6th different Empty Soup Bowls charity I have been in. My proposal for the Washington Cultural Congress is almost ready to deliver. I want to do another proposal about art being communication but the topic is so broad as to be hard to nail down. There is an incredible lack of understand that art is communication and has a level of literacy locally that it is a real matter of concern. The feeling seems to be that art is just a hobby with no meaningful impact on our society. Too many hobbyists who do not grasp the impact off visual images. We'll see. Write more later.

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