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WOW! The vitrification test is going great so far. The pot with water in it has not leaked and might not. The cone 2 test with 5% extra silica seems tight, maybe too tight. It has been weighed dry and is in water for absorption tests. I started an art pot for Walla Walla since Karen told me that it was up to me and 3-D would add interest. I have decided to not ask Othello to show my paintings in March because of the pressure to be ready for Walla Walla. Walla Walla is a big show and the 4 Amigos need to look good for it. I am out of ready clay and might have to put some in the kiln to dry it out. There are also tests in the kiln that just shut off and if the dirt will turn red I might give up cone 8 after I use that clay up. I really like the Othello clay with sand and bentonite but it is pretty good by itself with no additives. Everything is going well except I would like it to be warmer so the clay would dry. If the straight Othello clay holds up there is no reason to not use it alone and do away with either cone 5 or 8.

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Loaded the re-fire of cone 01 today to fire tomorrow. The bonzai guy contacted me and he wants to come over and pick see them. I told him Sunday. It would be cool if this works out. I am pretty ex


I think cone 01 is going to work. I am re-glazing some already fired pots and am holding my breath. I really like the clay and think I will add 1 quart of sand to 5 gallons of clay. I don't know ho

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