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Interesting day. I had tested the glaze for the entire kiln load and opened it today. I immediately unloaded the larger kiln and re-glazed them. The test pot was UGLY!!! They are soup bowls for Safe Harbor charity. I got into an exchange with a guy on the old artists site. It really irritates me when some folks retire from their serious work then take up painting and assume they know all there is because they took the "hard subjects" and there is no substance behind art except as decoration. Decorations is good but there is so much more. I started throwing my native cay today and it is OK. As always any new clay will take some getting sued to. Seattle Pottery has not sent me the new cones I ordered yet and the bill did not appear on the computer. I should call tomorrow to make sure they got the order. I will need to test the native clay for maximum temp before starting to make real attempts. I think cone 1 or 2 will do it. I was surprised to read that cone 2 is considered stoneware. Also. it appears that the native clay will have to screened through the 80 mesh. I hope it doesn't shrink too much. The sample I got might have been too granular and I might have to ball mill or use the new blender to reduce particle size. It might need sand and bentonite but that is a small thing. Good luck to me......

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