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I just found out that a friend wasn't making a friendly suggestion but was ordering some soup bowls with handles. OOPS. I texted her today, since she has moved, and told her that if she wanted bigger than 16 oz. ones I would start them tomorrow. The exciting thing is that I have started the process to make an entire line using local native clay. I have ordered new cones to find out their best firing temperature. I have a sugar bowl that I made years ago and it is holding up so well that I will try to start a line from that clay. I will also continue the cone 8 where I use the native clay as a glaze. We are trying to get a show in Gallery One in Ellensburg but I have my doubts. Gallery One is in a college town and they had an anti nuclear exhibit the last time we exhibited there. The opening felt like a flat earth society meeting. It was really odd. I picked up some other native clay on the way to 6th St. Gallery today. That clay has particles that are too large to be good clay but I bought a heavy duty blender and we'll see if it can reduce the average particle size. This sources is about 1/4 as far away as my usual source. I plan on blunging the clay and screening it through a window screen and then an 80 mesh screen and what doesn't go through the 80 will be blended or ball milled. This will be fun.


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Well this is troublesome. The Othello clay has 17% shrinkage and almost 3 % water absorption. I might add some Si and some sand to try to lesson the shrinkage. I have test chips ready to test when


Delivered soup bowls to Carol's today. I will start new ones tomorrow with "Thank You" on then for charities in Prosser. Also finished and started a new painting today. I should post the still life


Happy Thanksgiving Day. It has become obvious that the native clay needs to be screened through the 80 mesh. I might have to add sand at that. That's ironic. It seems to be Ok and Seattle Pottery

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