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Doing some clay sculpture. Also testing some cone 8 dirt glazes. The dirt just isn't working. I put too much borate in it. Did another foggy painting today too. I mixed some cone 8 clay too. The stuff that I thought was cone 8 clay was actually native earthenware. I tested it to cone 5 and it got .0008% water absorption. OOPS! So I am making the sculpture out of it and will fire it to cone 01 or so. The March show is going to be trouble. I contacted Ed and he might be able to drive by March. Greg won't, probably, but his girl friend might be able to drive him. I don't think he can afford to have his car set up to drive without legs. Bill is back so he and I can set the show up if necessary. At 75 YO, oldest member of the amigos I am the healthiest. That is sad. I will bisque tomorrow for a bunch more soup bowls and Wallowa art show finally contacted me about soup bowls down there. I applied for a charity show there. We'll see.

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