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Travelled 100 miles today to retrieve a piece of pottery from a show. It was an art piece associated with the 6X6 show at Artwalla. Artwalla in Walla Walla Washington is one of the most together organization I have ever dealt with. They have this money drive for art/education annually and I sell out and gladly give them money. What an enjoyable time. The 4 amigos have a show there in march of next year. I am tooling up with sculpture and pots as well as paintings. We expect to hang 70 pieces between Greg, Ed, Bill and me. I got the post card from the Yakima show. Mine looks good. I am so happy that "Hope" got accepted. It is a picture of a Chinese girl praying that I took off of a Knights of Columbus magazine. So this week, we travelled 260 miles for art. It amazes me that there is so much art going on around us but almost none in our towns which has a larger population that the other 3 towns that I regularly exhibit in combined. I think I mentioned that my native glaze is challenging me again. I will be testing it again tomorrow. I think using 3 different clays might be too much. I want to make some more sculptures so I think I will. I answered a call for mugs, returned a call for different mugs today and sent photos to Wallowa for a charity drive. I should have heard from Wallowa already but haven't. Tomorrow I trim some mugs and maybe mix up some cone 8 clay. Thanks.

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