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It's Sunday. I think I finished a painting of RBG but am oddly insecure about it. One problem is she was white. White people are so hard to paint. We are called Blanco in Spanish for a reason. We are blank and bland. We'll look at it some more tomorrow. Tomorrow we travel to Yakima to deliver "Hope" which was accepted to their juried exhibit. Yakima is 80 miles away and I suppose I could have mailed it but we want to get out anyway. Next weekend I will travel to Walla Walla to pick up the pot from the show up there. I hope what I think I saw isn't real. I think I saw it in a video of the show and it looked like my pot was leaning. I think it had cork pads on the bottom and I hope if it is leaning it is because one or more of the pads has fallen off. Today I made a bowl from the new batch of cone 8 clay. It's really nice. I added sand and bentonite to it. The cone 5 dirt glaze is acting up again. I love the blue and the white at 5 but I think I will continue the dirt at 8. There is another soup bowl that looks really good with one firing. It is the manganese glaze under the odd white which is of unknown parts. It is a scrap glaze that looks good by itself. I did add some volcanic ash to it so that helped.

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