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I have started making some art pots. I wish I had the old, larger, kilns. The tallest limit is 17". I mixed up some cone 8 clay and some more cone 5 clay and have a pot in the test kiln. An interesting dilemma has occurred. I don't have enough green ware, cone 5 or cone 8 pots for a load and my shelves are crowded. I need to concentrate on one thing and clear the shelves. I am very disappointed in the cone 5, re-fire dirt glaze. One of the incomplete kiln loads is a re-fire with gloss over. I sealed the Simone painting today as well as some smaller ones and laid out the background words on the RBG painting. The words are a quote from her about women should be where decisions occur. It's a good quote. I plan on doing a monochromatic of her using the orn/blu grey with maybe some blu/brn over the top and the writing is pink. I am sweating the CAVU winery show in March. Ed does not answer the phone, Greg still is laid up after having his legs amputated and Bill is currently going through some cancer procedure in Texas. Wouldn't it be odd if I ended up there alone. Let's hope it doesn't happen that way. I might ask Dave, our nephew, if he wants to join us. I am resisting an urge to go back to gas firing but there is no place for such a kiln. I have not received any word from the Empty Bowls charity and am concerned. I have been doing this for years and have 116 bowls waiting in the shed. I notified them again asking when to deliver but there is no response. Hmmm. I would be saddened to lose them.

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