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Wednesday was interesting. We saw a bunch of MAGA folks invade the Congress and vandalize the place. On a good note, I have figured out my glaze problem. Two cone 1 mugs in the test kiln and a bisque load in the kiln. The cone 8 load was marvelous except the bowls warped and bubbled. Odd for that glaze. I should add Si to it since I have increased the borate. I am concerned about Ed. He won't respond to my inquiries and we have a combined show 50 miles away in March. If he reneges then Greg, Bill and I will have to step up. I am wondering if I could invite Nephew Dave. He would be an attribute. I will have to contact Ed. I made some mugs today for the antique shop where we have our gallery. I would love to sell them to the coffee shop for re-sale. They don't seem to be able to think this through. I am accumulating so many pots at the house that pretty soon I will have to move out LOL. I am still struggling with firing to 2 temps rather than 3. Cone 5 and 8 look alike in bisque state. Oh well, tomorrow is scheduled for mugs and bonzai pots. good times.

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