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I am making bonsai pots. I decided to make room in the shed where I am blunging Othello clay now, en mass. I found a partial bag of silica and decided to add it to the bucket in the pottery that was partially empty. I also decided to take the old bag out of the bucket since the bucket had SI label on it. I pulled the bag out and noticed that the bottom of the bag had "dolomite" instead of silica written on it. For the last 2 years I have been struggling with all the glazes and it appears that I was adding dolomite instead of silica. DUH!!! I mixed a new batch of real PVC and tested it to cone 1 today. If it works I will glaze the Othello pots and get them out of the space. Most of the Othello pots are destined for either Prosser or Othello. I am making pots for Carol that have "Thank You" on them as a Prosser fund raiser. Boy, I hope this works out. I am really getting tired of glaze problems and I have too many clay bodies. It is tough to decide which body to delete. It looks like cone 5 should go away but so far it is the most reliable. Oh the problems of making pottery.

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