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We rehung Gallery Underground today. It went well but Ed did not show up. I will text him and see if he is OK. His work has not been changed 3 times since he got sick. I fired another cone 02 load today and I think that will work better than 01. One of my 01 pots sagged from over firing. I am accumulating a lot of the native clay because the weather isn't that cold and the clay is drying in the kiln room. I will be testing a green (I hope) glaze tomorrow along with the last re-fires for a while. I need a clear glaze since there is something about low fire that makes me want to apply underglaze. I took 2 of the larger pots out of GU to take to CAVU. I need to ask Karen if she has enough display stands for my 3-d things. I have decided to do away with the cone 8 regimen. It's hard on the kiln more importantly I really like the cone 5 dirt with 30% flux better. Amazing! I have been using this glaze for over 40 years and it never occurred to me to add more flux and lower the temp. I took some mugs with ROXY ANTIQUES on them but the older lady wasn't there so I left them on the front counter but, apparently, someone put them in my display. I meant to give them to the management as a gift. Other mugs are waiting ton be fired.

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