• Pat Fleming


I am really tired. It might be from the covid shot or it might be that I am just tired of the the business of art. We will rehang and rotate art at Gallery Underground on Saturday and Ed and Greg cannot do it so I will help them. I unloaded the kiln today and the results were OK and will re-load tomorrow with cavu cellars and Roxy mugs. I hope they make me happy. I have re-evaluated the CAVU exhibit and am thinking of bringing some bronze and ceramic sculptures. I only have about 5 weeks so I guess I need to settle on something. I am thinking of making some frames for the show but I really don't need any more frames. I might spray paint my last ceramic pieces and the bronze that has spotty patina. I have about 5 pieces. With pots I might have 10, 3-D pieces and if Greg, Ed, Bill come up with 20 each and I bring 10 2-D pieces that will make 70 on the wall. That sound good. I need to check with the other guys to make sure they have 20 ea. It looks like the bonsi pot things isn't going to work out. So be it.

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