• Pat Fleming


Decided to test my cone 5 clay for water absorption. it weighed 55.5 grams dry. We'll see how much it weighs after being soaked. Also It looked good in that it has sufficient native clay in it, assuming color is an indicator. I made some cone 5 pots since the cone 01 clay is too wet. Maybe it'll work tomorrow. Saucers for planters are in dire need. It is getting cold tonight so I won't blunge anymore native clay until it warms up. I also sealed the ballerina painting for the March show. Tomorrow I plan on going to Prosser to deliver some "Thank You" soup bowls. I also plan on firing another kiln load to 01. It is filled with re-fires. I am trying to streamline my pottery to make room for bonsai planters and larger bowls for March.

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Delivered part of the planter order for Anything Grows. It feels good to be selling wholesale again. it has been awhile. Brandon ask, on Face Book, does anyone know of a local potter to make bonsai


Had a good test firing today. The blue under PVC at cone 03 is really bright and looks good. The planters are in the good kiln with Manganese glaze under PVC and I hope it works. If they work they w


I have bisque fired the planters that I hope to sell locally. Glaze tomorrow. The PVC glaze over the manganese glaze looks good but the pvc needs to be thick enough. I think my smaller kiln needs a