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Wow, 2021! Only 18 more days until we, hopefully, get rid of the current resident in the White House. It's been a tough 4 years. I fired two kilns today both to cone 5. I also mixed up a batch of cone 5 clay and trimmed some bonzai pots for a local guy who wants some on consignment. They are fun to do so I plan on making some more for Gallery Underground etc. I also started a semi-large painting compared to what I have been doing. Kelsey gave me son 4"x4" canvas panels and I have painted on them. That's really small. The exciting thing is that I charged the blunger for the first time here. I have 100 lbs of Othello clay and I will blunge it, screen it and maybe discontinue the cone 5 operation. The cone 1 Othello clay is working out so far if I put enough sand in it to stop the excessive shrinkage. I filed a mug with water and left it over night and there was no water on the counter the next day. Glazes are a problem. If I discontinue the cone 5 I will have to adjust all of the glazes except the cone 8 dirt glaze. I should work up a cone 8 white ash and tea dust glaze too. That possibility is exciting too.

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