• Pat Fleming


Someone should kick me in the head. For 14 years we mixed clay from powder at Kamiakin High School and it never occurred to me to dry screen Othello clay and dry mix it with Lincoln to make cone 8 clay. There is a Mug Show in February and I wanted to enter with a cone 8 dirt glaze but the mixed cone 8 clay is too wet. I just added dry clay to it and it is waiting for tomorrow so I can make a couple of mugs. I have also figured out which painting I will be sending to Gallery 1 in 3 more days, It is the one of the AA girl from a photograph taken during the depression. I wanted to send the painting from Franklin Louisiana but with the censoring of my art from the local gallery due to non-standard presentation I chickened out. The girl painting is a good painting. We'll see. The cone 01 kiln is done and will be opened tomorrow and maybe the bonzai pots will work out this time. I want to deliver them rather than have the guy come over here with Pat's asthma.

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