• Pat Fleming


Loaded the re-fire of cone 01 today to fire tomorrow. The bonzai guy contacted me and he wants to come over and pick see them. I told him Sunday. It would be cool if this works out. I am pretty excited about the native clay. I hope I can get the glazes to work well. The native clay is working so well except it has some strange thing that it dries slowly. I suppose it is a geometry thing. I plan on building some hangers behind the storage shed and will put buckets under the bags because of all the water required to mix it thoroughly. I bought some lath today from Home Depot. I went to Lowe's and they not only did not have lath but the 2 young folks I ask about lath didn't even know what they are. I suppose very few people use lath. I am using it to finish the edges of paintings going to Walla Walla. Greg and Bill are on board but Ed is still hibernating. I hope he's on board but now I need to find a way to get about 50 paintings and some pots 50 miles away. Life is good.

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