• Pat Fleming


I think cone 01 is going to work. I am re-glazing some already fired pots and am holding my breath. I really like the clay and think I will add 1 quart of sand to 5 gallons of clay. I don't know how I will keep the sand from settling out of the slurry. I notified the guy who asked about bonsi pots about the 2 that are done and he wants to look at them. We got the information on the CAVU Cellars show about the time and date to hang. We have 3 days so we can make it look good. Greg doesn't think he can make it so I might have to load paintings in the P/U which will be a concern. I should have bought a real canopy. I am still concerned about Ed being so quiet. I am thinking about setting up a drying station to the South of the shed where I can hangs bags of native clay in warmer times and stock pile some lay. If cone 01 works I plan on discontinuing cone 5 clay, or maybe cone 8 although cone 8 is looking good. We'll see.

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