• Pat Fleming


The cone 5 re-fire was disappointing. I ran onto the shelf but that isn't the disappointing part. I didn't re-oxidise. I mixed some more cone 8 clay with sand and bentonite to make some large cone 8 bowls. I have started making some art pots for the March exhibit. Some are combinations of thrown and slabs. Tomorrow I plan on making some slab constructions as well as some pipe wrapped sculpture pieces. I told the guys that they should bring 20 paintings and I will bring 10 paintings and a lot of ceramics. Ed seems to have disappeared. I should go over to his house and check on him. Bill is in Texas going through a cancer program. Greg will have trouble getting to Walla Walla due to having lost his legs. Wouldn't it be something if I end up alone? I hope not. The background of my painting of RBG is troublesome. I wrote on it with a quote from her but it didn't look as good as it has before. Pat wants me to make it a dark background and that is looking like a good idea. I was looking at my Nina Simone painting and noticed the ear was off so I just changed it.

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